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Photography Classes


Learning your DSLR

Your camera does awesome things and you want to know how to access those options.

We will cover subjects including:

Aperture-From 'how do I have just the face in focus?' all the way to 'why is everyone in the back row fuzzy?'

Shutterspeed- Covering 'why is the dog always blurry' to, 'wow cool sparklers with their trails!' 

Color balance- Helping with issues like, 'wow, grandma is green?'


70 minute sessions

$65 per class



Basics of Photography 

Students will leave with improved confidence in their ability to take a great picture. Basic lighting, angles, posing and composition will be covered.


70 minute sessions

$65 per class


Composition and Technique 

Learn to take striking images that capture the moment, mood and the story. Group classes and private workshops available.


70 minute sessions

$65 per class



                                     912.388.1939                              2417 Waters Avenue, Savannah, GA 31404                            

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